Apis Resistant

1. Composition

1.1. Nutritional addition “Apis Resistant” is biological active product. It consists of: monofloral honey of acacia - 74%, bee royal jelly - 4%, propolis - 2%, distilled water - 20%. It represents yellowish-cream colored non-transparent liquid with odor and aroma of honey and propolis. The product is packaged into flasks of 100 ml volume.

1.2. 5gr is one dose and consists of 3.7 g honey, 0.2 g bee royal jelly, 0.1 g propolis and 1.0 g water.

1.3. Bee royal jelly, propolis and honey of acacia stabilized each other and assure safe conservation of active molecules for long time.

2. Pharmaceutical Properties

2.1. "Apis Resistant" activates neuromediators and immune system, enhances emotional and exercise stress tolerance, support organism in preservation of functional potential - improvement of sleep, memory, appetite.

2.2. Bee royal jelly is rich in compounds essential for vital activity of organism such as vitamins, mineral compounds, proteins and amino acids; its usage improves metabolism, regulation of vegetative blood vessels, memory, eye sight. It enhances appetite, refines mood, causes increasing of vital activity, stimulates blood formation and fermentative processes, withdraws high metals and slag from organism. It has immunomodulating effect – increases resistance against various diseases, decreases concentration of glucose and cholesterol in blood, recovers function of endocrine glands. While its using production of sexual hormones is stimulated, function of reproduction is regulated in men and women. Royal jelly regulates sleep, avoids anxious feelings, decreases degenerative changes of joints. It is characterized by antiradiant and antispasmodic action. While treatment of anemia, leukemia, arthrosis and furunculosis it reveals good effect. It is successfully used at treatment of anemia, neural and psychical pathologies, digestive system diseases, and also after chemotherapy.

Bee royal jelly improves tissue nutrition, under its influence enzymatic metabolism and tissue respiration is activated, parasympathetic part of nervous system is stimulated, concentration of adrenaline is increased in blood. In a whole, state of central, as well as peripheral systems are refined; glucose and oxidative assimilations are improved; blood arterial pressure, blood composition are normalized; protein synthesis, supply of brain and spinal cord with blood are intensified.

In cases of impotence and issuelessness treatment with bee royal jelly appears to be especially effective. It improves the function of prostate gland, increases level of progesterone. It is unique mean at memory deterioration caused by atherosclerotic processes. It is successfully used at treatment of carcinogenic formations, as biologically active compounds of bee royal jelly neutralized free radicals. It is established that taking the bee royal jelly in a definite dose affects DNA of cancer cells.

2.3. Propolis is characterized by bactericidal, bacteriostatic, fungicidal, anesthetic, antiinflammatory activities. Due to these properties it is widely used in medicine. It can deactivate microorganisms, among them: Bacillus tuberculosis, herpes, influenza and hepatitis viruses, protozoans (trichomonas), fungi (Trichophyton), etc. At the same time propolis deactivates foreign cells in a way that valuable microflora of organism is not decayed. Hence, its usage does not cause dysbacteriosis. It is good analgetic and radioprotector, takes part in localization of cancer processes, stabilizes capillary walls, stimulates regeneration of tissues, hinders formation of cicatrix, regulates blood coagulation, cleans and disinfects oral cavity and gums.

3. Direction

3.1. APIS RESISTANT is the best for the sportsmen to enhance resistance of organism, for the people under physical and mental stress, also with infectious diseases, for the people with age-related reduced immunity and for the people with memory, digestive and sexual function problems. APIS RESISTANT is popular with athletes, who participate in high-energy and endurance sports, and by persons who require an extra energy boost due to high physical or mental activities.

4. Rules of reception and doses

4.1. Nutritional product APIS RESISTANT may be taken in the morning, half an hour before a meal with keeping in oral cavity for 1-2 minutes and then swallowing it. Shake well before drinking!

Age 5-10 Take. 1btl/cap every 3 days.
Age 10-40 Take. 1btl/cap every 2 days.
Age 40 and older Take. 1btl/cap every day.

4.2. The sportsmen must take the nutritional product “Apis Resistant” 1 or 2 servings per day according to their physical activity, and in case of necessity much more doses. Excess doses cause non-economic consumption of the product.

Attention to sportsmen! It should be noted that the natural products of apiculture: honey, bee royal jelly and propolis are not doping-containing products, so their usage is safe.

4.3. For the people at diabetes mellitus recommended reduced (1/3) dose.

5. Side effects and Contraindications

5.1. Side effects not characterized (except for persons with allergic reaction to the products of apiculture).

5.2. Contraindications: Adisine's syndrome, infectious diseases, diseases of adrenal glands, pregnancy, lactation, individual sensitivity to apiculture products - allergy.

6. Expiry Terms and Storage Conditions

6.1. "Apis Resistant" should be kept in dark and cool place or in fridge. Expiry term - 2 years.


At systematic taking of the given production persons recover consumed energy very quickly and the lassitude is removed.
In spite of the fact that components contained in production (honey, propolis, bee royal jelly) have therapeutic-prophylactic characteristics, we should remember, that it is high caloric food stuff, along with resistance enhancement it increases efficiency of therapeutic agents used against various diseases, but it is not a drug.

Produced in 100 ml flasks. Flasks are packed in cardboard.