About the Company

“New Technology Laboratory LTD“ was founded in Georgia (Caucasus). Our main business activities consist of production, processing and export of the bee venom (apitoxin).

“New Technology Laboratory LTD“ is an independent company, now merged with “New Techniques Laboratory LTD”, a company highly skilled in bee venom production, established in 1988 by Mr. Shalva Nadirashvili - Dr.Tech.Sc. and Academician of Phasisi Academy. He created “the laboratory for bee venom and bee venom components quality control and standards”. The said Laboratory has processed a standard for bee venom (apitoxin) and currently works on the processing of the bee venom raw products and respective certification according to international standards. The product of “New Techniques Laboratory LTD” – “bee venom (apitoxin)” - is recognized worldwide due to its ecological efficiency and high quality, which was achieved by means of creating brand-new and exceptionally innovative method – “bee venom mode of production”, granted with a patent GEP2008 43 10B.

Merging of our Companies has abruptly increased the bee venom export potential of Georgia.

Our Union is complete with highly skilled specialists, modern hardware and equipment.

We have the opportunity to offer to our clients bee venom of the highest quality, of any prepackaging and quantity.

Quality is our guarantee!!!

We may offer free samples of our products to our potential clients.

Our Companies are not responsible for the bee venom produced by “New Technology Laboratory LTD” or “New Techniques Laboratory LTD”, which is delivered from other country on our or their own behalf. Our products are supplied only from Georgia.